Last weekend I was walking around SoHo and stumbled upon this new billboard series from Aerie.

Typically, I am more than annoyed by the over Photoshopped and over sexed up ads for teens, especially young girls. These caught my eye though. It was really refreshing to see that for once you see a teen brand, female focused, that was announcing that everyone is sexy (wish they used different terms here), just the way they are.Yes, I see that they still pushing the over sexed-up end of the spectrum still, but this seems to be a start.

It was also nice to see that when they say the girls were not Photoshopped, they weren’t. My husband works in the industry (packaged goods, not fashion or people) and he looked closely at them and agreed they weren’t.

Overall, I really just like that there is a social campaign for young girls to be the Real Them. They are consistently being bombarded by over Photoshopped, oversexed ads with models while being told they should strive for someone else vision of beauty.

So thanks Aerie, for taking a step forward in young girls self esteem. It is not going unnoticed and it is greatly appreciated. But it is a start.